Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. Consultancy and training services ordered from SHREC Ltd. are provided subject to the following Terms and Conditions (whether in formal or verbal). If a set of terms are agreed with a client which differ from these, then it is those Terms and Conditions of Business which will apply:
  2. Daily rates are revised annually and refer to a period not exceeding eight hours (including one hour for lunch), between 08:30 and 17:30. The minimum unit of chargeable time is half a day. A premium of 79% is charged for a unit of half a day. A premium of 150% applies to all work carried out on a Saturday or Sunday or out of normal working hours.
  3. The daily rate is inclusive of reasonable travel costs. Travel in excess of 50 miles per day will be charged and quoted as miles plus VAT.
  4. Where it is agreed that overnight accommodation is necessary, this will be invoiced at cost.
  5. Other reasonable costs incurred in fulfilment of a contract may be passed on, by prior arrangement.
  6. SHREC Ltd. shall be entitled to levy fees, per consultancy/training day that has been cancelled or postponed, in line with the following scales:

Over four weeks’ notice 10% of full fee

Three to four weeks’ notice 25% of full fee

Above two but less than three weeks’ notice 50% of full fee

One to two weeks’ notice 75% of full fee

Below one weeks’ notice 100% of full fee

  1. For group training courses that have been booked online, the same cancellation terms will apply. Where a group course has been cancelled by SHREC Ltd. a full refund will apply. Any cancellations can be requested by emailing shrec2010@gmail.com.
  2. Preparation time may be charged by prior arrangement. In the event of cancellation, the full cost of any agreed preparation time already utilised is chargeable in addition to any fee due under clause 6 above.
  3. Training fees are inclusive of course handout materials for specified delegates per day, and the use/hire of SHREC Ltd.’s training equipment (including training media where appropriate) unless specified to the contrary.
  4. The Client undertakes to advise SHREC Ltd. of any foreseeable risks arising from the Client’s activities that may affect employees or agents of SHREC Ltd. during the performance of a contract.
  5. The Client undertakes to provide such facilities, instructions and information as necessary to enable employees and agents of SHREC Ltd. to function without risk to safety or health, while on the Client’s premises.
  6. The Client undertakes to make prior notification of any special personal protective equipment that SHREC Ltd.’s employees may reasonably require during the performance of a contract.
  7. Invoices are due for settlement within 30 days from the date of issue unless more favourable terms have been specifically agreed. SHREC Ltd. shall be entitled to charge a late fee of 15% on any overdue amount.
  8. Invoices for training courses, where issued before the event, are due for settlement before the date of the course and the delegate(s) may be refused attendance until such time as payment has been received.
  9. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, all correspondence, reports and training notes etc. remains SHREC Ltd.’s copyright. The Client shall only be entitled to copy (in whatever media) such material for internal use as sanctioned by SHREC Ltd.
  10. In connection with work activities, SHREC Ltd. may hold information relating to various subject matter for legal reasons only and in various media. Such data will be used in accordance with the purposes for which SHREC Ltd. is registered under GDPR. The client’s name may be used for promotional purposes, but such reference will not include the name of individuals or type of work or processes involved.
  11. Electronic communications/advice are capable of alteration or corruption and therefore we do not accept any responsibility for changes to such communications after dispatch. We do not accept responsibility for any problems arising through the use of material provided electronically, and all risks relating to the continuing integrity of the content are borne by the Client. Reports sent or filed this way are sent on this basis. If you do not agree to accept this risk, you must notify us in writing that only written reports are acceptable.
  12. Except where there are statutory provisions to the contrary, SHREC Ltd. shall be entitled to destroy all material (including paper and electronic records) relating to work carried out: for a current Client, after a period of two years; and in the case of a Client who has commissioned no work within the previous twelve months, upon the expiry of that period.
  13. If an existing or former employee of SHREC Ltd. is directly or indirectly engaged by a Client in any capacity within 12 months of carrying out a consultancy or training assignment for the Client, the Client shall be liable to pay an Engagement Fee equivalent to 20% of annual salary.